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  Get Toad to where the fun is...
Manufacturer of Ultra-light camper Trailers
2014 Lilly Pad
EcoToad Lilly Pad
Starting $2999.00
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The New Lilly Pad is hot off the assembly line. Inspired by local hunters this camper gets it done! The ideal sleeper for the off road enthusiast. Comfort of a real bed with the mobility of a tent!
2014 Toad Gator
Toad Gator (AKA: The Tail Gator)
Starting $5995.00
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Tailgate party or money generating concession trailer? Your choice...
Featured Camper
Toad XL
*Featured Camper at $6995.00
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This ultra-light camper is
"Just Right".

Rental Campers
Need a get-away? Rent one of our Micro XL campers. A perfect weekend get-a-way or an excellent way to try before you buy.

Great weekly rates!


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